To feed the future

we need to look below the surface

Salmon Eye

To feed the future, we need to look beneath the surface.

All industries leave a footprint, both positive and negative. Salmon Eye is a center that sheds light on both the opportunities and challenges of the aquaculture industry. We will see things from new perspectives, encourage new ways of thinking, and reflect carefully on what needs to be done in the industry.

Learning experience

Salmon Eye offers a guided learning experience focusing on the footprint of the aquaculture industry in Norway. Maybe you know something from before? Perhaps you have never been exposed to the industry yourself? The experience encourages you to challenge what you already know and reflect on how we can develop food production in the sea. You cannot just sit on the sidelines and watch, but must take an active part in what is happening. At the end of the day, you are the one who decides.

Advisory board

To develop the learning experience at Salmon Eye, an advisory board was set up with representatives from research, administration, industry and environmental protection.

Through a series of meetings and written correspondence, the advisory board has helped Salmon Eye to quality assure the scientific basis presented at the center.

Read more about the advisory board, or click here to read the board's final statement.

About Salmon Eye

Salmon Eye is a center to inspire and inform about how we can provide the world with more food from the sea.

Restaurant Iris

Iris is a unique restaurant located at Salmon Eye. The restaurant offers an expedition dining, where you as a guest are taken on a culinary and scenic expedition.

Visit Iris
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